Our Philosophy

It’s a simple idea...

For years, charities and other Non-Profits have been operating consignment stores along with other business activities to raise money for their organizations. Some of them have been very successful.

Nevertheless, few, if any, are using technology to reach the growing number of online shopping customers and make them potential donors.

That’s what The Worthy Cause Store is all about. We offer our customers the same wide range of fine quality, new products that others offer, at or near the same prices.

The difference is – our customers take the profit that they pay anyway as part of the price of the products they buy and give it away.

A word of caution about profits... different products have different profit margins, so the actual profits our customers get to give away to member Non-Profits will vary, not just on the total amount of their purchases but also on the mix of products purchased.

However, most products have significant retail profit margins because these profits have to cover the expenses of traditional big-box retailers. Whatever the profit is, our customers will give it away, ALL of it, to the Non-Profit selected by the customers themselves at the time of purchase.